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About Us

Watevereco is a young dynamic diversely empowered company based in Gauteng. The vision began in 2008 where research and development was done with the help of various business partners. The company officially began trading in 2012. We provide a reliable cost effective way to help customers reduce their carbon footprint, with ingredients that are safe for their employees and the environment.

Our focus lies in providing an Environmentally friendly option for our customers, thereby conserving our precious water supplies.
The company’s strength lies in its ability to investigate and create cost effective solutions to various types of industries. To resolve issues of water contamination due to cleaning methods using non-biodegradable products and where possible replacing these methods with biodegradable products.

To save our earth resources and search for products that complement and restore balance in our environments.

To be a trusted leader in Environmentally friendly options. Produce and supply only High Quality Cleaning products with service excellence which will make us the customers’ partner of choice.

Our Values
• We take responsibility for quality.
• We deliver customer satisfaction.
• We act with integrity in all we do.
• We value all Watevereco personnel.
• We regard our suppliers as essential team members.

Our Code of Conduct
• Doing what is right for the environment is the foundation of Watevereco business culture.
• We strive to conduct business in ways that reflect our Standards of Business Conduct in being ethical and respectful collectively as a company and as individual employees within the company. Through communications and training, we continually helping others to reduce their carbon footprint and consider the environment. We will not sacrifice our integrity just to achieve business objectives.

Customer Base
Our clientele comprises of:
• Commercial Sector
• Brick Making Industry
• Concrete Manufacturing Sector
• Agricultural Sector
• Bulk Transportation Sector
• Construction Sector

Our cleaning Products
We focus on:
• We supply detergents and other specialty products that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
• Developing and sourcing innovative products that are unique and specific to our customer needs.
• Keeping our environment in mind when developing and sourcing products.

Our ingredients
We strive to use ingredients from renewable resources obtained from processes that are respectful to the environment.
Our Natural Product Range does not contain:
1. Non-biodegradable ingredients
• as all our products are ultimately biodegradable within 28 days.
2. Phosphates
• causes unnatural algae build up and subsequent poisoning of fresh water systems
3. Nonyl phenol ethoxylates (NP-9)
• Its metabolites mimic estrogen and causes hormonal imbalances in nature.
4. Formaldehyde or Gluteraldehyde
• A carcinogenic preservative and disinfectant
5. Known cancer causing (carcinogenic) agents
6. Highly Toxic components