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Industrial and Transport Industry


AeroClean is a Biodegradable pH neutral heavy duty Truck wash, designed to clean the toughest road dirt from the exterior to the vehicle, leaving a shiny clean surface. 


GreasegoClean is a non-perfumed Multipurpose degreaser and general cleaner. It can be used to degrease and clean hard surfaces.


PowerClean is a degreaser and general cleaner that is ideal to use in a variety of applications including hard surfaces, engines, bitumen plants and equipment.


AluminoClean is a highly concentrated aluminium brightener, degreaser and cleaner. Very effective on aluminium rims.


SlipCoat IRC™ is an all-purpose, industrial non-stick coating that is designed for use across a wide variety of industries. It is designed to prevent the buildup of mud, ice, clay, asphalt, concrete, waste products and other materials on equipment surfaces.