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Concrete Industry

ConcreClean is a low hazardous, acidic concrete splash remover that is designed to remove concrete splash from equipment and vehicles found in the readymix concrete and bulk cement transport industries. It is also an effective concrete floor and brick cleaner.

ConcreFree is a biodegradable protection chemical for equipment that comes in contact with concrete splatter or cement powder, it is designed to assist with easy cleaning of readymix trucks, concrete mixers, batching plants and bulk transport vehicles.

AluminoClean is a highly concentrated aluminium brightener, degreaser and cleaner. It can also be used to remove rust from metal.

PowerClean is a degreaser and general cleaner that is ideal to use in a variety of applications including floors, walls, metals, engines, bitumen plants, bulk tankers and equipment.

RustClean is a detergent metal cleaner and rust remover. Removes rust, scale and light oil deposits and provides a light iron-phosphate coating.  Conditions metal surfaces for painting.  Suitable for all metal surfaces except zinc, cadmium and magnesium.

Is a natural concrete release agent designed to break the bond and allow easy release between the cast concrete and the mould. It is water miscible thus allowing significant cost savings as it can be diluted 1 to 4 times with water.

Is a neutral pH biodegradable concentrated truck wash. Ideal for readymix, bulk transport and other vehicles as it eliminates road dirt and other contaminates on the vehicles surface. Leaves the surface shiny and clean.

Is a citrus based heavy duty hand cleaner for grease and other dirt. Will leave your hand soft and clean after rinsing.


SlipCoat IRC™ is a patented, environmentally friendly, Certified USDA Bio Preferred, non-stick coating product designed for use in the ready-mix and form work concrete industry.