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Commercial and Food Industry

GreasegoClean is a non-perfumed Multipurpose degreaser and general cleaner that is ideal for use in the food and beverage industry. It can be used to degrease and clean floors, ovens, grills, utensils, factory floors, equipment, walls and other hard surfaces.

EnviroClean is a Multipurpose Biological and organic cleaner that effectively digests organic residue and waste. For use in Grease traps, Stove tops, Bathrooms, Basins, Floors, walls and various other industries needing organic waste digested.

Is a Surface Sanitiser providing a powerful germ protection that outlasts all leading disinfectants and is gentle on the surfaces themselves. It is a non-rinse food safe water-based, non-corrosive and non-hazardous sanitiser. Used on all hard surfaces including food preparation areas, stainless steel, plastics, tiles, floors, walls, fridges and sanitary ware.

AutoClean is non-perfumed, high alkaline, low foam cleaner that is ideal for use in the food and beverage industry. It is designed for automatic dishwashing, CIP as well as crate washing applications.


AutoRinse is a low foam acidic rinse aid for streak free finish is an acidic rinse aid for use in a wide range of industrial washing applications including hard water and high temp dishwashing machines. The product contains a blend of low-foam surfactants for rapid and streak-free drying and for foam control in the dishwasher. It also contains scale control agents to keep the machine free from scale in hard water conditions.



Tile & Stone is a natural floor cleaner for cleaning of marble, granite,porcelain, tiled and sealed wooden floors.



AeroClean s a Biodegradable pH neutral heavy duty Truck wash designed to clean the toughest road dirt from the exterior of the vehicle, leaving a shiny clean surface. Ideal for Mobile Food Truck exteriors.